First Impressions

First Impressions

Folks, it’s been a while.

I took this photo a while ago, and meant to write about it. Months later… here we are.

Lawn Food bag PET vs. PE

This was taken at a Home Depot, and shows the a bag, with almost the exact same graphics, but printed on different substrates. The bag on the left was reverse printed on polyethylene. The one on the right, reverse printed on PET. The product is a weed & feed – a type of combo fertilizer and grass control. The bag sits on shelf and relies on the prominent face panel to sell itself. In addition to having sharp images and colours, Vigoro needs to communicate the benefits of the product – its value proposition – with no hesitation.

The PET bag is glossier while the PE bag exhibits a mild matte appearance. Readability does seem better on the PET bag, and in a competitive shelf space, where impressions are everything, the bag needs to be able to be read at a glance. Clearly, there is a difference between the two. Whether one is better than the other is quite subjective, but the right choice will match the brand, the product and be able to express its value proposition clearly.

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