Natural Products East 2014

Natural Products East 2014

Peel Plastic Products wrapped up our 3rd year at Natural Products East in Baltimore. It’s inspiring to see the show grow year after year, highlighting how important Health and Wellness is to business and consumers. It’s also pleasing to see both the familiar faces of successful growing companies as well the eager new entrepreneurs.


We showcased a number of our innovations in flexible packaging – emphasising our solutions to enhance convenience and shelf appeal. Our group took turns working the booth and walking the show. We identified a couple trends:

High Protein and Improved Nutritional Profiles
There is undoubtedly a demand for more nutritious products. We saw whole food fibre bars, superfood nut clusters and even freeze-dried fruit snacks. With the increased nutritional and retail value of these products, properly designed barrier packaging is a must.

A Need for Convenience
And I don’t just mean on-the-go, although that was a continuing trend as well. I mean pre-mixed, ready to use powders. There were plenty of baking mixes, protein powders, and supplements that were pre-mixed and only needed water. The many we spoke with loved the Velcro Press-Lok as a powder-resistant closure, to prevent their powders from clogging the closure.

Amidst the 1,277 exhibitors and 23,000 visitors, we were swept up by the excitement and energy. Peel Plastics continues to support the Natural Products industry with our commitment to innovation, the latest machine technology and an ability to develop new packaging solutions.

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