Velcro PressLok and the Natural Products and Organic Market

Velcro PressLok and the Natural Products and Organic Market

We are still on our toes from all the excitement from exhibiting at Natural Products West show last month. This event in Anaheim delivered a powerful glimpse into the fast-growing natural products industry. The 2014 show brought together more than 2,600 exhibiting companies and over 67,000 visitors*.

Watching from a packaging perspective, we paid close attention to the demographics of the consumer base and the visitors at the show. The natural products consumer demographics seem to parallel those of our premium pet food customers. The similarities were not just in age, but also in value: they care about getting the best possible food for themselves and their children.

The consumer base is largely composed of the on-the-go early-adopters and busy couples with children – both who aren’t as concerned with price; and the older consumers who, though conscious of price, seeks convenience**. Recent market research has shown once again that pouch packaging solutions that have easy-opening, re-closeability & user-convenience features are key. In fact, 81% of Americans over 55 years old find that the most irritating thing about packaging are difficulties opening & closing it.***

The packaging trends that helped drive growth for our premium pet food customers may deliver the same benefits to the natural products industry. Our customers, like Lundberg Family Farms and Gypsy Crunch have found success in combining the user-convenience of our Press-Lok closure with the benefits of a good-for-you product. The ability to provide packaging with premium shelf presence and branding, and the ability to provide a convenient closure system like the Press-Lok Velcro closure delivers a win in every pouch.


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