Petfood Forum 2014 aka How to Attract Visitors at a Trade Show v. 2

Petfood Forum 2014 aka How to Attract Visitors at a Trade Show v. 2

I just returned from Petfood Forum 2014, one of the pet food industry’s annual conferences in Chicago. Well, Schaumburg, but that’s close enough. It is primarily an educational conference event, with much networking and an expo alongide.

Peel Plastics is a strong supporter of the petfood industry. A large segment of our business, and our associated R&D and technology is devoted to petfood packaging. In fact, I would be so bold as to say we are market leaders in plastic petfood packaging. In this segment, we are seeing Velcro closures being adopted and brand owners looking for premium printing.

In my last post, I talked about how at Natural Products West, our puppy pouch was the big driver of visitors to our booth. To show you this was no exception, I am going to share with you the biggest driver to the hottest booth at Petfood Forum. It wasn’t ours, but rather it was Trouw Nutrition, and it was all because of this guy:

Petfood Forum Puppy

Let’s get serious for a second and think about what this little guy who could barely stay awake did:

  • He drew attention by piquing the visitor’s emotional senses. “Awwww”
  • He drew them in physically because he was playful and open to strangers and new experiences.
  • He kept them there with steady attention.

Similarly, shouldn’t your booth do the same?

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